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About Us

Our Cast of Characters

Erin Ryan is always on the lookout for issues to illuminate and interesting guests around every corner.  Her answer to almost every problem is, "Where can we find an expert on this topic.  We need to tell people about this!"  Her goal is to provide factual information in an entertaining way.  

Bill Cundiff took over as co-host in December 2013.  He was always the trusty "coffee guy" and all around Sunday morning studio support for the original hosts. When Elizabeth moved to Utah he was the perfect person to fill her shoes.  He brings great insight and lots of humor to the show despite the fact that he swore he would never sit behind the microphone.

The magic of We the People Radio is completed by Bob Martin, our engineer.  His mental musical library and excellent timing have given us many a chuckle.  Bob has always carried the show to the next level and is lauded by our guests as the best engineer they know.  He puts the "We" in our People for sure and it wouldn't be the same without him.


Our Show Format

Most shows have way too much "host" and not enough "guest" so we set out to carve a niche in conservative talk radio that focuses on all the topics the mainstream media only covers in sound bites.  Our topics deserve more time and certainly more scrutiny.  We make every effort to give these issues our full focus so that our listeners can get the rest of every story.

We the People Radio finds great authors and talk show hosts and professors and scientists and activists and military experts and researchers and amazing whistleblowers.  Each week they donate their valuable time and teach us about their issue or area of expertise.  

Our vantage point is conservative but we are VERY "liberal" with the humor.  


Our Incredible Listeners

We are building an amazing audio library and would love your suggestions for future topics!  What have you always wanted to know?  Who have you seen interviewed for a split second and thought "What the heck!  They have so much knowledge!  I didn't learn a thing from that interview because it was too short!".  Those are great opportunities to call / text / email We the People Radio so we can get them on the show.

Thanks for listening.  We want to hear from you!

Erin & Bill


Our Beginning

In October of 2010 Carl Bott at KCNR 1460AM asked the Redding Tea Party to start a program called "We the People".  Elizabeth Woodward and Erin Ryan took up the challenge and began broadcasting every Sunday morning from 8-10AM.  Check out the  archives for We the People "the early years".


Our Middle

In December 2013 our friend Elizabeth moved to Utah.  She and Dan are having a great time but we certainly do miss her and always think of her at daylight savings time!  Remember the morning that she forgot to set her clock ahead and we did the first 1/2 hour without her?  She was always good for new ideas, great shows, insightful comments and some good old fashioned physical humor in the studio.  Headbumping the microphone never got old.


Our Bump in the Road

In October of 2014 the tea party decided to go a different direction with programming and funding so We the People Radio was suspended until new funding and a new show time could be arranged.  It was in that gap that we learned just how many loyal listeners around the country and around the globe are using the show to get information and learn more about topics they find important.  It was humbling to receive the calls and emails from people who wanted us to hurry up and start broadcasting again.  Thanks to all who encouraged us over that hurdle!  


Our Saga Continues

In March of 2015 we received a call from the Conservative Commandos Radio Network on WNJC 1360AM in Philadelphia/New Jersey asking if we would like to join their broadcast family.  They found us on Twitter and liked the show!  We've been broadcasting our 2 hour show for over a year now but will be taking a break after the July 31, 2016 program until we can line up a few new sponsors.  Can you or someone you know pitch in a little bit to get us back into that major metropolitan market?? 


We are now privately funded so we'd appreciate any help you or your contacts can offer for sponsorship or advertising.  Click for more information.

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