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Shows Focusing on Environmental Issues

July 10, 2022  "Climate Change and European Cultural Imperialism" with William Walter Kay

October 25, 2020    "CA Wildfires  - Climate Change or Bad Forest Policy?" - Ray Haupt, registered professional forester / USFS retired

January 20, 2020    "The Eco Policy Train" - Jim Beers

May 12, 2019   Hour 1: "Sustainable: The War Against Free Enterprise" - Tom DeWeese  Hour 2: "The Climate Depot Exposes the Climate Hoax" - Marc Morano

April 28, 2019  Hour 1:  "Selling the Global Warming to Our Kids" with Alex Newman  Hour 2: "The Unfounding of Greenpeace" with Dr. Patrick Moore

 April 21, 2019   "The Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow - CFACT and Climate Depot" with Craig Rucker and Marc Morano

April 14, 2019   "Sunlight is the Best Disinfectant for the Climate Hoax" with Dr. Willie Soon

August 5, 2018   "The Struggle of Rural America Part 2" - Jim Smith, Siskiyou County Ag Commissioner/Sealer

July 29, 2018   "The Struggle of Rural America Part 1" - Jim Smith, Siskiyou County Ag Commissioner/Sealer

December 31, 2017   "Where Conspiracy Meets Reality in Weather Modification" with Jim Lee

February 12, 2017   "Miners Under Seige" with James Foley

January 22, 2017   "The Climate Industrial Complex Part 2" with William Kay

January 15, 2017   "The Climate Industrial Complex Part 1" with William Kay

January 8, 2017   Hour 2: "Geoengineering and Fear Porn" with Jim Lee

December 18, 2016   "Geoengineering and Fear Porn" with Jim Lee

December 4, 2016   "The Great Climate Change Hoax" with Lord Christopher Monckton

May 22, 2016   "Lost in the Wilds of Neglect" - Jim Beers

April 24, 2016   "Feeling the Heavy Hand of the Dept. of the Interior" with Lawrence Kogan

April 10, 2016   "Technocracy in Global Warming and the 2016 Election" with Patrick Wood

April 3, 2016   "Educating the Masses about Agenda 21" with Debbie Bacigalupi

March 20, 2016   "Mr. Ed, U.S. Government Operative & Mediator. Paid $$ Big Bucks to Secure Favorable Water Rights Deals for Tribes at Northwestern Irrigators’ Expense." with Larry Kogan

March 6, 2016   "Wolf Livestock Interaction" with John Williams

November 15, 2015  "Water's for Fighting" with Roni Bell Sylvester from Land and Water U.S.A.

November 8, 2015   "Inside the U.S. Forest Service" with Forest Supervisor Dave Myers

August 16, 2015  "Fire Policy & Politics" with Ray Haupt, USFS Dist. Ranger ret. / County Supervisor

July 12, 2015   "Forests and Fire and Environmentalists! Oh my!" with Siskiyou County Supervisor Ray Haupt

April 19, 2015    Hour 1:  "Rooftop Solar Scams" - David Williams  Hour 2:  "Plants Need CO2" with Leighton Steward

April 12, 2015    "How Sustainable Development IS Affecting Your Life" with Debbie Bacigalupi

February 22, 2015  "Environmentalism is Fascism" - William Kay

September 28, 2014  "No Catastrophic Global Warming Evidence" with Leighton Steward

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