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Shows Focusing on Veteran's Issues

August 21, 2022  "Behind the Murder Curtain: Special Agent Bruce Sackman Hunts Doctors and Nurses Who Kill Our Veterans" with Bruce Sackman

August 29, 2021 "What Do Military Veterans, Infrastructure and National Parks Have in Common?" with Tanya Wattenburg Komas, Ph.D.

May 3, 2020  "Mitigate Risk Using Human Behavior Pattern Recognition" - Brian Marren, V.P. of Operations and Greg Williams, Drector of Training and Innovation

March 29, 2020 "Thriving on Mission" with Matt Rogie

June 4, 2017   "Veteran Warriors" with Lauren Price

July 17, 2016   "BIG Reforms at VA" with Scott Blackburn

Feb 14, 2016   "Philly VA Update" with Kristen Ruell

Nov 1, 2015     "Veteran Warriors" with Lauren Price

Oct 25, 2015     "Update on Oakland VA Informal Claims Scandal" with RustyAnn Brown

Oct 4, 2015        "Musical Chairs at the VA" with Kristen Ruell

Sept 27, 2015    "Veteran's 2nd Amendment Rights" with Michael Connelly

Aug 9, 2015       "More Craziness in Philly" with Kristen Ruell & Ken Crandall

May 10, 2015     “Philly VA Whistleblower Update" with Kristen Ruell & Friends

May 3, 2015        "Whistleblower Power at the Phillly VA" with Kristen Ruell and Ryan Cease

Apr 22, 2015      Veterans Affairs Committee Hearing on Oakland and Philly Regional Offices

Mar 15, 2015      "Veteran Warrior" with Lauren Price

Feb 1, 2015         "How to Fix the VA" with Veteran Warriors founder, Lauren Price

May 11, 2014      "VA Doctor Tells All" with Dr. Stills

May 4, 2014         ”Toxic Waste: The Soldier's Story” with Ted Methvin

Jan 26, 2014        “Oakland VA Claims - An Engineered Disaster”with Tony Silveria

Jan 5, 2014          “Oakland VA Unmasked” with whistleblower, Tony Silveria

Nov 10, 2013       “A Veteran’s Perspective of the VA” with Jessie Olsen



YouTube Video: VA Waiting Game  https://youtu.be/fc0GIol8bag


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