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Cartelville, USA: Americans flee as Cartels take over small town California    CLICK HERE TO VIEW

The threat of cartels can be felt and seen in one part of America more than ever before: Southern California. Small towns in the area have been overrun by gang activity, causing residents to flee. The Daily Caller's investigative team went in the trenches to find out how dangerous the cartels are and why Southern California seems to be a new target. Reporting and Host Jorge Ventura Story and Lead Production Sagnik Basu Drone and Photography Erik Herrera Executive Producer Neil Patel, Richard McGinniss, Sean Moody




Professor Dr. Stuart Reece
Please find attached the first of four parts of the talk.

The other slides follow. Of course, the four parts should be considered as one. They have only been broken up for the purpose of transmitting them.

The epigenetics theme running through all aspects of this talk is most important indeed as it necessarily implies multigene rationality which has to be a most fundamental responsibility of any Government.

Thank you so much once again for your very able and very gracious assistance.

Yours sincerely,

Professor Dr Stuart Reece.
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Part 2 of 4 Professor Dr. Stuart Reece
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Part 3 of 4 Professor Dr. Stuart Reece
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Part 4 of 4 Professor Dr. Stuart Reece
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IASIC is an organization of international experts on cannabis who are guided by medicine and science to provide accurate and honest information that guides decision-making. We recognize that the use of cannabis is potentially harmful, and that policies or practices which enhance or increase the use of cannabis risk serious medical and social consequences.


THIS is what legalizing marijuana does to our rural areas.

It destroys lives and property values. In the overview pictures you see what looks like a town - 100% of those structures are illegal pot greenhouses. The sequel of "Cartelville" will be filmed here in 2022.

  • Where are the homes for the THOUSANDS of growers?  NO home permits or septic permits have been taken out in the area pictured.
  • 100% of the "development" you see in these pictures is comprised of illegal marijuana greenhouses.  
  • Zoom in on each picture to see more detail. You'll be shocked.
  • They are using at least 8 MILLION gallons of water EVERY DAY!!!
  • The growers are members of multiple criminal cartels.
  • Most are foreign nationals and NONE of this is legal.
  • Grow sites have mountains of human waste, chemicals and trash.
  • A beautiful rural area has been transformed into an ecological disaster.
  • Pay special attention to the progression from 2018 - 2021.  This is what organized crime looks like. Lots of money for infrastructure that overwhelms local law enforcement and once they are set up it is VERY difficult to rid your community of these criminals.
  • This is Siskiyou County California. It borders Oregon in the center of the state along Interstate 5.
  • Why here??? Permissive laws in CA made illegal cultivation a misdemeanor with minimal penalties. These grows generate billions of dollars with virtually no risk. Property is cheap and the county doesn't have the funds to mount a huge law enforcement effort. Perfect storm.

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