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THIS is what legalizing marijuana does to our rural areas.  It destroys lives and property values. In the overview pictures you see what looks like a town - 100% of those structures are illegal pot greenhouses.

  • Where are the homes for the THOUSANDS of growers?  
  • 100% of the "development" you see in these pictures is comprised of illegal marijuana greenhouses.  
  • Zoom in on each picture to see more detail. You'll be shocked.
  • They are using at least 8 MILLION gallons of water EVERY DAY!!!
  • The growers are members of criminal cartels.
  • Most are foreign nationals and NONE of this is legal.
  • Grow sites have mountains of human waste, chemicals and trash.
  • A beautiful rural area has been transformed into an ecological disaster.
  • Pay special attention to the progression from 2018 - 2021.  This is what organized crime looks like. Lots of money for infrastructure that overwhelms local law enforcement and once they are set up it is VERY difficult to rid your community of these criminals.

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